by Ichtyor Tides


Textural studies.

Tracklist :
1_ Holgaze
2_ Termidhor
3_ Stroir
4_ Attreis
5_ Nofo
6_ Brohnne
7_ Vonal Sync
8_ Transiit
9_ Bricyeld

Available as a limited edition cassette, released by Already Dead Tapes & Records :


"A collection of nine translucent compositions breathes fourth-dimensional stardust into one’s perpetual lung—ever simmering and always abundant. There’s sphere crackling, orbital distancing, and a very spatial calling to one’s former life. Ichtyor Tides manage to subtly enter the void of impression, and with each subsequent track, a deeper layer is peeled."
(The Analog Cave / New Noise Magazine :: newnoisemagazine.com/analog-cave-5/ )

"a unique hybrid of nature and technology, like field recordings translated into ones and zeros—as if cricket chirps became electric signals, or firing neurons morphed into silicon chips."
(Bandcamp Hi Bias :: daily.bandcamp.com/2017/05/01/hi-bias-april-2017/ )

"gauzy and amorphous atmosphere where haunting singularities twinkle and expand until their base elements crack open and burn their way through your subconscious. [...] entire worlds from strands of droning ambience and sporadic melodicism—it's a gorgeous and unsettling bit of skewed craftsmanship."
(The Tape Deck :: nooga.com/175872/the-tape-deck-april-2017/ )



released April 7, 2017

All sounds & their execution : Ichtyor Tides (2014-2015).



Ichtyor Tides Basse-Normandie, France

An organic body afloat in a sea of corrupt data and digital detritus.

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